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"Stop leaving your window wide open and turning a blind eye to money blowing away! Why Going Mobile Is The Next Website Trend Smart Marketers Are Quietly Keeping Under Their Hats!"
Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Last year was a ground-breaking year in the world of cyberspace, and its going to affect each and every one of us.

You see, last year, for the first time, the rise in mobile phone usage exceeded the growth of personal computing.

What this means, to you and me, is that people are abandoning their PCs because theyve discovered they can do just about everything they need to on their mobile devices.

Including access and use the internet. And all their favorite mobile-ready sites.

And it all boils down to this simple fact

Those whose businesses are mobile-ready and optimized are going to become the new online business leaders of this coming decade.

And those who choose to ignore it are going to be left behind.

Ive never been more serious. The writing really is on the wall. In big, bold letters for those who are smart enough to stop and read the words.
It Used to be that
Internet Marketers could Pick and Choose
But Not Any More!

Until recently, if you chose to ignore a trend you werent comfortable with, sure, you lost a few opportunities but it didnt affect your overall financial performance enough to really hurt. (Well, maybe it did but you convinced yourself it was a choice you could be comfortable with.)

Mobile marketing is not going to be something you can ignore without paying a hefty price.

Dismiss it, and you can expect to watch others:

* Surge past you to take over the lead roles

* Become the authority figures for the new generation

* Take a serious piece of your pie and then go back for a second helping

* Leave you with an empty plate and an internet business that is no longer viable

* Leave you unable to compete. Just the way that Commodore computers blew away on the wind before the onslaught of the Microsoft empire

This is not just my opinion. The rise in cell phone internet access last year was not only jaw-dropping, but it even extended to two groups traditionally not in marketing play at all.

Im talking about those over 55 and children.
People are Naturally Drawn Towards
Whatever is Most Easy

These are two groups who traditionally either ignored technology or werent considered ready to use it yet.

Yet mobile use by those over 55 has been hitting a growth of approximately 200 in the last decade (but what alarmed me was most of it being in the previous two years!)

Children, too - the next consumer generation - are using mobile phones more than ever before. Not just to keep in touch with their parents, but to:

* Browse websites

* Play games

* Look up information for school projects

* Keep in touch with friends on Facebook and FriendFeed

Whereas those over 55 use their mobile phones mostly for information, Facebook and shopping.

(Not to mention getting directions.)

These children are your target customers of the future.

And the 55-plus group is one that many internet marketers are not tapping into, when it comes to the mobile market, right now
What are you Going to Do, If You Let Yourself Become One of the Techno-Left-Behind?

Yup, by the time the kiddies are all grown up, many of us will be the 55-plus generation. The ones saying: Thanks, Ill stick to my old technology except that current 55-pluses are already leaving us behind!

And that doesnt even take into account the age group between 17-39. The ones who make up the biggest percentage of mobile phone internet access users!

It all boils down to a really simple reason: Using your mobile phone or PDA to access the net is something that people are increasingly finding to be really, really easy.

Think about it. Its something you can do while youre:

* Out and about, rushing from one appointment or class to another

* Waiting for school computers to become free (if youve been to college, youll know exactly what Im talking about. Theres always a lineup and you can never get on a computer right when you need one)
* Leaving your clunky laptop at home its so much easier to browse the net on the cell phone you put in your pocket nowadays

* Making good use of traditional dead time, while finding yourself caught waiting for delayed public transportation or riding as a passenger in someone elses car

* Away at a conference or visiting the in-laws (the ones who dont like anyone else touching their computer)

* Sitting in the doctors office or waiting for your kids in the school parking lot

But Having a Mobile-Ready Website
is only the Start of the Race!

It already goes without saying, your website should either be mobile-ready or at the very least, automatically direct people to your mobile mirror site.

And thats just the beginning. Did you know you could be letting money you dont yet have blow out your wide open window if you ignore:

* Mobile advertising and the different-from-your-PC rules you need to know

* How to get your mobile site found and accessed before most of your competitors even know its there!

* Letting your site be one of the small, mobile-optimized minority people gratefully bookmark and return to

* Ways to easily boost your promotions ones that arent even available via PC

* The most important difference between mobile devices and PCs the one thats making it possible for even new businesses to prosper

You may be busy as a bee, learning all about traditional ways of internet marketing. You might have your arms up to the elbows in PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, podcasting, review blogging, making videos, social networking, being a busy VA, and so much more.

But all the time youre doing this, more and more of your potential customers are cutting down the time they spend on their personal computers. Theyre viewing different ads and websites ones created specially for mobile phone users to see.

Theyre ignoring your site and your offers and services only because they simply cant see them.

Because your mobile-ready sites are simply not there!

(One of the things were all going to have be familiar with soon is how to set up our websites to be easily seen on the average mobile devices tiny browser screen.)
Why Have my Visitors Dropped So Much,
these Last Few Months?

The sad fact is, everybody who says this is busy blaming the economy and ignoring the significance of the massive rise in mobile phone internet access use!

I realized this myself, and after doing what I had to, to make sure my business ventures positioned themselves firmly up on the leading edge of the market, I knew this was knowledge I absolutely had to share with you too.

So Ive written a Special Report, Mobile Website Profits, which you can easily choose to download. Ill warn you, its not techno-heavy: If youre expecting a how to manual on mobile XHTML, this really isnt the product for you.

But what it does do is show you all the hidden ways to maximize your business for the mobile internet world.

As well as provide you with resource links that arent currently easy to find without investing time you may not want or have to spend.

After all, this is all about not taking any more time from your business, right?

If my Special Report tells you quickly what you need to know, and shows you an easy way to go mobile within an hour, it will save you the headache of all that initial research leaving you free to zero in only on what will work for you in the mobile world and allow you to take less precious time away from your business or family.

And in an age where youve probably already noticed that more and more internet marketers are jacking up their prices (out of a change in focus thats more on money-making and less on you), Im keeping my prices at a level even beginning marketers can still afford.

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